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寂地 Jidi: 我的路 Wo de lu - Mein Weg - Band 4 (zweisprachige Ausgabe Deutsch-Chinesisch)<br>ISBN:
寂地 Jidi: 我的路 Wo de lu - Mein Weg - Band 4 (zweisprachige Ausgabe Deutsch-Chinesisch)

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Business Chinese Conversation 1 [Elementary] (überarbeitete Neuausgabe von 2007) + 1 CD

ISBN: 978-7-5619-1919-4, 9787561919194

Titel: Business Chinese Conversation 1 [Elementary] (überarbeitete Neuausgabe von 2007) + 1 CD
Autor / Herausgeber: Huang Weizhi  黄为之
ISBN: 978-7-5619-1919-4, 9787561919194
Verlag: 北京语言大学出版社 (Beijing Language and Culture University Press)
Sprache: Englisch / Chinesisch
Erscheinungsdatum:  2007.08
Auflagennummer: 1. Auflage
Seitenzahl: 255 Seiten
Format: 25 x 18.5 cm
Bundart: Paperback

Item description:
This textbook is meant for Chinese beginners. Foreign students learning the Chinese language have their own specific characteristics. On the one hand, they know nothing about Chinese, and they do not have the listening comprehension and speaking abilities concerning this target language. On the other, most of them are adults with fully-developed intellects, rich social experience and scientific knowledge. They do not have a language imitation ability as strong as small children, but at the same time, they have an understanding and receptive abilities with which small children cannot compare. These char-acteristics are, in a way, contradictory. Teachers are required to pay attention to the fact that their students are starting from scratch, and they have to begin their teaching from simple words, just like teaching small children to speak. Students have to start their learning from simple words too. Learning also is a process of accumulation. The characteristics of the learners also require the teachers to pay attention to the fact that their students are adults, and they cannot be treated as small children. The teachers have to use every means to bring the students initiative into full play, mobilizing their advantages in intelligence, experience and knowledge, so that they can learn solid knowledge quickly. The question of how to understand the special characteristics of foreign students learning Chinese and to utilize such knowledge in the compilation of textbooks and in the teaching process has often been neglected. It has frequently been, the case that the content and teaching schedule have been either too advanced or lagging behind. In writing this book of elementary Chinese conversation, we have taken these aspects into consideration ,trying to resolve the aforementioned contradictions in the process of Chinese-learning by the foreign students, so as to bring about the most satisfactory results in both learning and teaching.

The present textbook has the following characteristics:
      Lessons one to four concentrate on. the learning of the Chinese phonetic alphabet or pinyin. This is for the benefit of beginners. Students coming from Oriental countries have more difficulties in the pronunciation of vowels and consonants,while those from Western countries have their main problems in tones and intonation. These four lessons contain a large number of exercises aiming at such problems. Phonological exercises continue in lessons five to ten, with a view to consolidating what was learned in the first four lessons. Through strict learning and teaching practice, students can solve these phonological problems, laying a solid foundation for mastering putonghua (standard Chinese).

      This textbook is a Chinese-teaching material, for business purpose, the content of which is very different from those of ordinary textbooks, where a large proportion is devoted to such daily matters as food, clothing, shelter, means of travel, and the life in campus. The present book endeavors to combine the useful parts of the above mentioned topics with those daily business routines such as buying and selling, bargaining, selection of goods, commercial services, advertising, special features of management, public relations, salesmanship, etc. Emphasis is placed on these aspects and the content is such that the students are exposed to a broad range
of knowledge that is realistic and practical. The book's vocabulary, sentence structures, and the difficulty are suitable for beginners.

      According to the principle that language has such properties as communicative situation and communicative functions, this book has adopted a system of combining learning in class and after class. Starting from Lesson Five (Lesson 11 of the 1999 edition), there are two lessons for each topic. More specifically, daily business life is divided into several parts, each of which is presented in two lessons. The "in-class" text is for learning under the teacher's instruction. It is closed-door practice, aimed at laying a solid foundation. The "after-class" text is for students to learn when they participate in social practice. As the saying goes, this is "going into the sea and learning how to swim by swimming". Its purpose is to review and use the linguistic knowledge that has been learned in class. The contents of the two texts are closely related, but with different fields of activity.  When the students have learned and mastered both texts, they have also learned the daily expressions for one aspect of "economic life". This teaching system has broken down the closed-end teaching approach. In organizing the teaching of a topic, the teacher can always ask the students to take part in the corresponding social practice either before or after class, as a preview or review of the topic. After entering into the teaching process, the content of this textbook, with its active and lively teaching style, will arouse great interest among the students, motivate them to learn, and take into account the extraordinary learning capabilities of adults, so as to achieve the expected results.

       The present textbook starts with basic greetings, and, through careful yet intensive introduction of key vocabulary and expressions, moves through intensified training so that the number of new words and the length of the texts have both exceeded those of the ordinary Chinese textbooks. The whole teaching process is student-centred. Students are required tO accomplish both the in-class and the after-class activities before they proceed. The teacher's role is to participate, inspire, and guide, but never lecture. The monotony and slow pace in the teaching and learning activities, and the passiveness and slackness on the part of the students are negative factors affecting the learning result. This series of textbook has provided ample materials and means for intensified training, which can be fully utilized by the teachers to stimulate the students' strong desire and potential to learn. Students respond to a lively and interesting learning atmosphere. The better the learning atmosphere, the more excited and absorbed the students will become. Hence the optimal state will be attained for learning and use of knowledge. Things that seem impossible to learn will be mastered within the shortest period of time by the students.

         As this series of textbook has followed a new path in both its content and form, errors and shortcomings are inevitable. Further exploration is needed in the future teaching and Chinese learning. Therefore, criticisms and suggestions from fellow teachers and foreign students are highly welcome.

      Those who participated in the compilation of the textbook in dude Yang Ting zhi, Chen Hui, Huang Xizhi, Yang Tianshu, Yang Liqun, Su Bohua, Cheng Weiwu. The English translation of all the texts and explanations has been done by Professor Huang Zhenhua, vice president of University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). Mr David Packer, a Canadian expert working at UIBE, assisted with the English translation. And finally Professor Sun Weiyan, president of UIBE,examined the manuscript of the whole book. Senior members from the National Office for Teaching Chinese as a ForeignLanguage have provided guidance and support for the compilation and publication of the book. Leading members of UIBE, and colleagues from UIBE Press and Foreign Affairs Office have also given substantial support to this book. I hereby extend my heartfelt thanks to all of them.

本册是《经贸初级汉语口语》上册。包括课本和录音CD。课本的特点是针对零起点初学者,以日常经济生活为主,内容丰富实用。本教材一至四课集中教授汉语拼音,从第五课开始,每两课一个专题,把日常经济生活分为若干层面,每个层面都用两篇课文来认识、表述;并且采用课内与课外相结合的教学体系,学生学完“在课内” 和“在课外”这两篇课文后,也就学到了经济生活中一个层面的日常用语。书后附有课文的英文翻译,帮助学习者更加准确地理解和运用汉语。本教材以其活泼的教学形式,引起学生兴趣、调动学习积极性、发挥成年人的学习优势,使学习者可以在较短的时间内容掌握经贸汉语口语


第一课 你好
第二课 他是谁
第三课 我的朋友
第四课 怎么称呼
第五课 打电话
第六课 预订房间
第七课 换钱
第八课 出租车
第九课 他没来上班
第十课 今天是她的生日
第十一课 你想做什么(一)
第十二课 你想做什么(二)
第十三课 你会说中国话吗(一)
第十四课 你会说中国话吗(二)
第十五课 你会买东西吗(一)
第十六课 你会买东西吗(二)
第十七课 她怎么了(一)
第十八课 她怎么了(二)
第十九课 是谁的错(一)
第二十课 是谁的错(二)
第二十一课 住在哪儿(一)
第二十二课 住在哪儿(二)
第二十三课 今天怎么样(一)
第二十四课 今天怎么样(二)
第二十五课 逛北京(一)
第二十六课 逛北京(二)


Dieses Produkt haben wir am Mittwoch, 13. August 2008 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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ISBN: 978-7-5619-1919-4, 9787561919194
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