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许先哲 Xu Xianzhe: 镖人 第四卷 Biaoren - Die Klingen der W踄hter - Band 4 (德文版)<br>ISBN:978-3-905816-97-6, 9783905816976
许先哲 Xu Xianzhe: 镖人 第四卷 Biaoren - Die Klingen der W踄hter - Band 4 (德文版)
ISBN:978-3-905816-97-6, 9783905816976



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新启蒙汉语 - 课本 (第一级)(上册)(附1张MP3光盘)978-7-5600-8802-0, 9787560088020


书名: Fun with Chinese - Textbook (Level 1, Volume 1)(1 MP3 included) - 新启蒙汉语 - 课本 (第一级)(上册)(附1张MP3光盘)
编著/主编: 牟岭, 李戎真, 陈旻, 刘凡, Mu Ling, Li Rongzhen, Chen Min, Liu Fan
ISBN: 978-7-5600-8802-0, 9787560088020
出版社: Foreign Language teaching and research press-外语教学与研究出版社
语言: 汉英对照
出版时间: 2009.08
版次: 1
页数: 146
开本: 28.5 x 21 cm
包装: 平装

Best Chinese textbook series in the market, from elementary to the 8th level. Target users Chinese schools in America. Emphasizing oral proficiency, Chinese character fundamentals, and reading. Lots of ballads, lyrics, pictures, stories, but with controlled vocabulary. Textbooks written by experience Chinese teachers from Yale University, who have also taught for many years at local Chinese schools. Who Should Use the Book?
The book was written for overseas Chinese students, best at the age of six after finishing kindergarten, with both
parents speaking Chinese at home. Students with one Chinese-speaking parent should use the book at a slower pace
for more speaking time. The book does not apply well to students from non-Chinese speaking families. Every lesson
has adequate content for two hours' school learning every week. For younger students or those with less speaking
proficiency, the teaching pace could be slowed down to three or four school hours per unit.
General Structure of the Book
With the exception of Unit One in Volume One of Level One, which consists of eight lessons on Pinyin, every other
unit features a dual-lesson structure. The first lesson introduces a text with new words, and the second lesson reinforces
the first one through readings, character structures, etc. After the initial eight Pinyin lessons, each future unit will still
provide a Pinyin section in forms of words, sentences and stories. It takes advantage of students' listening ability and
alphabetical skills to enhance their meaningful reading of Pinyin texts.
"Talk about pictures"
Every lesson starts with the section of "Talk about pictures". The purpose is to make students talk in Chinese about
topics related to the new lesson.
Every lesson has a review session before the new content. It is designed for the teacher to test students about previous
units through exercises of reading, character recognition, and dictations.
"New text"
New texts appear in two forms, those with Pinyin and those in characters. Following each text are a number of
questions and pictures. Teachers should ask students to read both the texts and answer the questions. Then, students
should be able to summarize a text with the aid of pictures.
~ Exercises
Each unit features abundant in-class exercises and activities, including those on Pinyin, flash-cards of characters,
games, character structures, reading-aloud practices, and free time for creative work.
i In "Pinyin section", students should be able to read Pinyin texts, pronounce Pinyin correctly and understand
their meanings.
~ In "Character section", the focus is on stroke orders and character structures. Students should be able to name
strokes and to know the order of them in writing characters. Teachers should guide students to speak the strokes
aloud, but should not ask students to spend too much time writing characters in class. They can do more writing
after class.
In "Reading section", students are expected to read new texts written with words they have leamed.
"Happy moment" at the end of a lesson provides students an opportunity to use words creatively, either in the
form of drawings or in the form of games.

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