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寂地 Jidi: 我的路 第八卷 Wo de lu - Mein Weg - Band 8 (汉德双语版)<br>ISBN: 978-3-03887-007-4, 9783038870074
寂地 Jidi: 我的路 第八卷 Wo de lu - Mein Weg - Band 8 (汉德双语版)
ISBN: 978-3-03887-007-4, 9783038870074



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游学在中国 文化艺术篇(含DVD1张)

ISBN: 7-5600-2179-4, 7560021794, 9787560021799

A Study Tour In China



A STUDY TOUR IN CHINA comes in two volumes, Chinese Language and Writing and Chinese Culture and Arts. It is a practical textbook that helps foreigners learn Chinese language and culture in a short period of time.

Since China adopted the policy of reform and opening up to the outside world, both its economy and culture have been thriving. Foreigners are arriving in droves for academic pursuits, trade and business, discovery, cultural exchanges and sightseeing. There is also an increasing number of students who come for summer or winter camps or short-term training programs of various kinds. While you are here, you inevitably will want to know more about the country and its unique culture. Besides the Chinese language, you may also want to have some elementary knowledge of Chinese history and geography, learn calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting and paper-cutting, practice Chinese martial arts, sing Chinese songs, cook Chinese family dishes, buy native products, or visit famous places of historical interest and scenic beauty. To meet the needs of foreign visitors and make up for the shortage of textbooks for short-term language and cultural training, we decided that it would be worth our while to bring out a book like what you have now before you.

This book was written by professors and experts from the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University, who have rich experience in teaching Chinese. The language and cultural materials selected for this book are simple and interesting, easy to learn, and of practical use. You will find this book quite original.

Volume 2, Chinese Culture and Arts, consists of eight parts:A Survey of China ,The ABC of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting ,Paper-Cutting for Beginners ,Basic Chinese Martial Arts ,Cooking Chinese Dishes ,How to Sing Chinese Songs ,Tourist Highlights in China andNative Produce of China.A Survey of China offers a brief introduction to Chinese history, geography and national conditions, and gives a general idea about China`sgeography, historical development, population, ethnic groups, festivals, social customs, state structure, administrative divisions and the Taiwan issue.The ABC of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting teaches the basic skills in traditional handwriting and painting. FromPaper-Cutting for Beginners you will learn how to cut beautiful flowers, birds, animals and human figures out of paper.

You can show off what you have learned formBasic Martial Arts in front of your relatives and friends. If you love Chinese food, you will benefit from learningCooking Chinese dishes for the rest of your life. The ten songs inHow to Sing Chinese Songs are carefully chosen popular pieces.Tourist Highlights in China takes you on an itinerary of famous historical and cultural cities and spectacular sights along an S-shaped route. You will be acquainted with China`swell-known special products and local delicacies as well as shopping places in major cities inNative Produce of China. You will get plenty of best buys by following this guide.

Gernal Contents

ABC The ABC of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting
A Survey of China
Paper-Cutting for Beginners
Basic Chinese Martial Arts
Cooking Chinese Dishes
How to Sing Chinese Songs
Tourist Highlights in China
Native Produce of China.

游学在中国 文化艺术篇(含DVD1张)

ISBN 7-5600-2179-4

《游学在中国》是专门为外国人短期学习汉语和中国文化而编写的实用型语言文化综合教材,分 #35821;言文字篇 #21644; #25991;化艺术篇 #20004;册,由暨南大学华文学院长期从事汉语短期班教学的专家执笔编写。所选内容简明生动,实用易学,深受学生喜爱。本书可以灵活使用,边学边游,边游边学,是一套针对性较强的汉语入门教材。

#25991;化艺术篇 #20197;介绍中国的文化艺术为主,包括中国概况、中国书画ABC、剪纸入门、学中国功夫、学做中国菜、学唱中国歌、中国导游及中国特产八个部分。同时配有光盘,便于模仿学习。通过短暂的学习,你可以游历中国的名山大川;了解中国的风土人情;领略中国书画和中华武术的魅力#35753;你轻轻松松做一个 #20013;国通 #12290;


中国概况 A Survey of China

中国书画 ABC The ABC of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

剪纸入门 Paper-Cutting for Beginners

学中国功夫 Basic Chinese Martial Arts

学做中国菜 Cooking Chinese Dishes

学唱中国歌 How to Sing Chinese Songs

中国导游 Tourist Highlights in China

中国特产 Native Produce of China.

货号. 41.0121

汉语会话301句 (下) + 3CDs<br>ISBN: 7-5619-1645-0, 7561916450, 9787561916452
汉语会话301句 (下) + 3CDs
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国际标准汉字词典<br>ISBN:7-5600-3130-7, 7560031307, 9787560031309
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ISBN: 7-5619-1524-1, 7561915241, 9787561915240
司马迁: 史记选 (大中华文库系列,汉英对照,全三册)<br>ISBN: 978-7-119-05090-4, 9787119050904
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ISBN: 978-7-119-05090-4, 9787119050904
体验汉语-生活篇 练习册 盘 (英文版 附MP3光) <br>ISBN: 978-7-04-020491-9, 9787040204919
体验汉语-生活篇 练习册 盘 (英文版 附MP3光)
ISBN: 978-7-04-020491-9, 9787040204919
汉语风-第1级 (300词级)-我一定要找她... (附 mini MP3 光盘)<br>ISBN: 978-7-301-07905-8, 9787301079058
汉语风-第1级 (300词级)-我一定要找她... (附 mini MP3 光盘)
ISBN: 978-7-301-07905-8, 9787301079058
汉语风-第1级(300词级) - 错,错,错! (附 mini MP3光盘一张)<br>ISBN: 978-7-301-07904-1, 9787301079041
汉语风-第1级(300词级) - 错,错,错! (附 mini MP3光盘一张)
ISBN: 978-7-301-07904-1, 9787301079041
余秋雨 : 文化苦旅<br>ISBN:7-80627-698-X, 780627698X
余秋雨 : 文化苦旅
ISBN:7-80627-698-X, 780627698X
Deutsch English Chinesisch
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通知游学在中国 文化艺术篇(含DVD1张)
ISBN: 7-5600-2179-4, 7560021794, 9787560021799

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