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张晶 Zhang Jing: 隐山梦谈 第一卷 In tiefen Wäldern Träumen lauschen - Band 1 (zweisprachige Ausgabe Deutsch-Chinesisch)<br>ISBN: 978-3-905816-91-4, 9783905816914
张晶 Zhang Jing: 隐山梦谈 第一卷 In tiefen Wäldern Träumen lauschen - Band 1 (zweisprachige Ausgabe Deutsch-Chinesisch)
ISBN: 978-3-905816-91-4, 9783905816914

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The National Palace Museum 100 Treasures of Emperors

ISBN: 978-986-84397-5-7, 9789868439757

Titel: The National Palace Museum 100 Treasures of Emperors - 故宮100皇帝的寶藏英文版 The National Palace Museum 100 Treasures of Emperors (English)
Autor /Herausgeber: 編者 Editor: 林秋芳 Lin Chiu-fang, 作者 Author: 傅惠慧Fu Hui-hui, 譯者 Translator: Donald E. Brix, Christopher J. Findler (Ming dynasty)
ISBN: 978-986-84397-5-7, 9789868439757
Verlag: National Palace Museum, Taiwan - 國立故宮博物院, Acoustiguide Asia Ltd. Taiwan Branch - 香港雅凱電腦語音有限公司
Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011.12
Auflagennummer: 1
Seitenzahl: 166
Format: 22 x 17 x 1.2 cm
Bundart: Paperback


Through the ages the necessities of consolidating authority propagating didactics and demonstrating the legitimacy of orthodox transmission and the "Mandate of Heaven" for the divine right to rule led various emperors to develop a system of imperial collecting sometimes done out of their own passion for the arts as well. This system continued for millennia not only becoming a force for advancing court art but also influencing artistic trends at court and outside thereby playing an important role in the history of Chinese art and culture.
Through the course of Chinese history the treasured contents and storage sites of precious imperial collections have changed often with the rise and fall of dynasties. Besides the differing aesthetic interests of emperors there are several reasons for the appearance of this phenomenon. One is that precious works were lost or damaged during the calamities and chaos of dynastic change. Occasionally they became funerary objects to accompany the emperor to the grave and sometimes succeeding dynasties viewed them as spoils of war to be moved to new places of storage. And often they were scattered among the people becoming treasured objects of collectors to be passed down in the family.

Over the course of millennia in Chinese history, emperors have often used their collections of precious objects to satisfy their own desires of collecting and to express their love of the arts. Based either on the need to advocate government policy or manifest imperial majesty, the symbolic significance of collection objects expressed the legitimacy of political power, representing the supreme and undisputed authority of the “Son of Heaven.” Whether the motivation was for political and didactic purposes, or purely resulting from the pursuit of beauty, the active participation to various degrees of emperors often led the way in court art, becoming the main direction and force of impetus in artistic activities at the time.

The book The National Palace Museum : 100 Treasures of Emperors, edited and produced by Acoustiguide Taiwan, features a selection of a hundred of the finest masterpieces from the National Palace Museum collection. Introducing to readers the collections and aesthetic interests of important emperors in Chinese history as well as their relationship to the artistic developments of their time, I believe they bear witness to the long-standing history and period significance of these ancient treasures. Now in the 21st century, the deep inherent significance and aesthetic value will continue to be presented to people around the world by means of such the channels of disseminating information as research, exhibitions, and publications. And with the resulting exchanges between diverse cultures around the world, a brand new look will emerge from the continued mix and fusion of ideas and creativity at various levels.





雅凱藝術事業編輯製作《故宮100 皇帝的寶藏》,挑選院藏個品類中精品百件,為讀者介紹歷代帝王重要的收藏、審美意趣,以及與該時代藝術發展的關係。相信這些見證悠久歷史與時代意義的古代珍寶,在二十世紀的今日,將繼續透過研究、展覽、圖書出版等資訊的流通,為世人展現初期深刻的內在意涵與美感價值,並經由與世界各地多元文化的交流,持續在觀念、創意等各個層面,相互激盪或融合出嶄新的面貌。









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ISBN: 978-986-84397-5-7, 9789868439757
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