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冯友兰: 冯友兰哲学文集 (英文) (学术中国系列)

ISBN: 978-7-119-05297-7, 9787119052977

书名冯友兰: 冯友兰哲学文集 (英文) (学术中国系列)
编著/主编:冯友兰 Fung Yu-Lan
丛书:学术中国系列 China Studies Series
出版社外文出版社 (Foreign Languages Press)
语言: 简体中文
开本:23.5 x 16 cm

The essavs collected in this volume, all originally written in English for a non-Chinese audience, are taken from those writings of Fung Yu-lan that are relatively far-reaching and concise. As a whole, Fung's writings are the result of contact between Eastern and western cultures and of the modernization of Chinese philosophy. He investigated philosophy in the light of all of its cultural manifestations, taking the problem of life as his focus. Along such a trend and under the guidance of Professor John Dewey, he completed his doctoral dissertation. "A Comparative Study of Life Ideals" at Columbia University in 1923 (published in 1924).The work presents the young author's achievements in his endeavour to have a thorough knowledge of both Western and Chinese philosophies and their life ideals and to pursue the highest ideal of life as he saw it.
After the publication of his two-volume A History of Chinese Philosophy ( t 930- t 936), Fung turned his interest to the attempt to create a modern system of Chinese philosophy, thereafter successively publishing six books about his Neo-Confucianism. Then he returned again to the study of the history of Chinese philosophy and wrote in English A Short History of Chinese Philosophy (1946-1947). The experience of creating his own philosophical system made him more penetrating in comprehension and more explicit in expression than he was when preparing his large history. In order to meet the need of Western readers, he often explained Chinese philosophy in comparison with Western philosophy. From this philosophical comparison he came to a social conclusion: "In order to live in a modern world, China has to be modernized." His Short History was published by Macmillan Company in 1948, followed by French, Italian and Yugoslavic, versions translated from the English original. The two works mentioned above form Part I of this book,and six essays on Chinese philosophy and a speech form Part II.
All the essays except the first one ale supplements to and development of his two volume History.The first essay, entitled “Why China Has No Science” and published in the International Journal of Ethics in 1922,interprets and answers this question mainly through philosophy(i.e.ideology),though it also points out:the importance of geography, climate and economic conditions.Another essay, “Philosophy in Contemporary China.”first read before the Eighth International Philosophy Congress, Prague,1934,updates his His-wry to comment on the development of philosophy in China since the May 4rh Movement of 1919。
This book is concluded by the “Speech of Response Delivered at the Convocation of September 10.1982 in Columbia University ”when Fung was bestowed the degree of Doctor of Letters.honoris causa,at Columbia University.In this speech he reviews his long journey of sixty years after his graduation from Columbia and the three stages of development of his academic thought.He says:“I live in a period of conflict and contradiction between different cultures.My problem is how co understand the nature of this conflict and contradiction,how to deal with it, and how to adjust myself within this conflict and contradiction.I always recall one line that appears in the Book of Poetry of the Confucian classics.It reads,'Although Chou is an old nation, it has a new mission……China is an ancient nation which has a new mission,and that mission is modernization。”For sixty years Fung's efforts have been,in his own words,“to preserve the identity and individuality of the ancient nation, yet,at the same time,to promote the fulfilment of the new mission.”

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Deutsch English Chinesisch
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通知冯友兰: 冯友兰哲学文集 (英文) (学术中国系列)
ISBN: 978-7-119-05297-7, 9787119052977

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