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寂地 Jidi: 我的路 Wo de lu - Mein Weg - Band 5 ("My Way", bilingual Chinese-German langauge edition)

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China Studies - History of Chinese Taoism (English)

ISBN: 978-7-119-02015-0, 9787119020150

Titel: China Studies - History of Chinese Taoism (Englisch) - 学术中国 - 中国道教史 (英文)
Author / Editor: 李养正 Li Yangzheng
ISBN: 978-7-119-02015-0, 9787119020150
Series: 学术中国 China Studies
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press-外文出版社
Language: English
Date of Publication: 2009.07
First edition
Number of pages: 340
Dimensions: 15,5 x 23,8 cm
Binding: Hardcover



Compiled according to An Outline History of Chinese Taoism by the Chinese Taoist Association,and a series of works by Professor Li Yangzheng of the Chincse Taoisr College,this book also contains related research findings from both within and outside China.Composed of seven chapters,the book gives an overall systematic introduction to the past and present of Chinese Taoism,including basic concepts of Taoism,pracuces,scriptures,organizations.Taoist figures,immortals.Taoist temples,and health preservation.The book provides extensive detailed and accurate data,as well as insightful perspectives through advanced academic achievements,and is therefore of significant historical value for greater understanding and study of Chinese Taoism.culture and folk customs.

About the author:

Li Yangzheng,a researcher in Taoism,was born in t 925 in Gong'an County,Hubei Province,and graduated from National Wuhan University in 1949.When the Chinese Taoist Association was founded in 1957,he joined the organization and devoted himself to Taoist research under the guidance of the reputed Taoist scholar Chen Yingning.Li Yangzheng used to be the Deputy,Dean of the Chinese Taoist College.His published works indude An Introduction to Taoism.Taoism and Chinese Society,Modern Chinese Taoism,Taoism and Various Pre-Qin Schools of Thought,among others.He has also compiled A Handbook of Taoism,The Taoist Culture Series,A Collection of Materials on the History of Taoism,The Great Dictionary of Taoism (with coeditor Min Zhiting),etc.,as well as published almost a hundred academic articles.


Introduction: What Is Tao?
Chapter One The Origin of Taoist Religion (From Antiquity to c. A.D. 142)
Section Ⅰ Sources of Taoist Belief and Pantheon
Section Ⅱ Sources of Taoist Religious Thinking
Section Ⅲ The FormatⅣe Process of Taoist Organization
Chapter Two Early Phase of Taoism (142-220)
Section Ⅰ The Great Peace Scripture (Taipingjing) and Great Peace Taoism (Taiping Tao)
Section Ⅱ The Wudoumi Tao (FⅣe Bushels of Rice Movement)
Section Ⅲ Wei Boyang and Can, Tong Qi, the Earliest Taoist Scripture on Alchemy
Chapter Three Reformation and Maturation of Taoism(220-581)
Section Ⅰ The Wei Regime's Control of Taoism and the Shift of the Taoist Center to Jiangnan
Section Ⅱ Ge Hong, the Greatest Theorist of Immortalist Taoism
Section Ⅲ The Rebellion of the “Immortal Men”
Section Ⅳ The Emergence of Three Scriptural Traditions
Section Ⅴ Kou Qianzhi and the Northern Celestial Master Movement
Section Ⅵ Lou Guan Taoist Tradition
Section Ⅶ Lu Xiujing and the Southern Celestial Master Movement
Section Ⅷ Tao Hongjing and the Maoshan Tradition
Chapter Four The Prime Time of Taoism (581-960)
Section Ⅰ Taoism as the Religion of the Tang Royal Family
Section Ⅱ Development of Taoist Doctrines
Section Ⅲ Emergence of the Inner-Alchemical Tradition in the Tang and FⅣe Dynasties Periods
Section Ⅳ Kaiyuan Daozang; the Earliest Edition of the Taoist Canon
Chapter FⅣe The Growth of Taoist Schools (960-1368)
Section Ⅰ Support of Taoism by the Song Emperors
Section Ⅱ Flourishing of the Inner Alchemical School in the Song-Yuan Period
Section Ⅲ Development of New Talismanic Schools in the South
Section Ⅳ Emergence of New Taoist Schools in Northern China
Section Ⅴ Compilations and Revisions of the Taoist Canon and Other Impo~nt Scriptures of the Song-Yuan Period
Chapter Six Taoism During the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911)
Section Ⅰ Taoism and Its Relation with Ming Emperors
Section Ⅱ The Wudang Taoist Tradition and New Branches of the Inner-Alchemical School
Section Ⅲ Wang Chongyue's Longmen Art of Mind Cultivation and Lou Jinyuan's Yellow Register Liturgy
Section Ⅳ Penetration of Taoism into the Folk Traditions
Section Ⅴ Taoist Canons and Scriptures in the Ming-Qing Period
Chapter Seven Taoism in the Modern Age
Section Ⅰ Taoism in the Republic of China (1911-1949)
Section Ⅱ Taoism in the People's Republic of China(1949-)
Section Ⅲ Taoist Presence Outside Chinese Mainland
Section Ⅳ Taoist Monasteries on the Mainland
Epilogue Taoism and Chinese Culture
Appendix Ⅰ Interaction Between Taoism and Buddhism in China
Ⅰ. The Rise of Taoism and the Entry of Buddhism into China
Ⅱ. Efforts Toward Mutual Toleration During the Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties
Ⅲ. The Struggle for Supremacy During the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period
Ⅳ. The Buddhist Catastrophe During the Tang Dynasty and the Burning of Taoist Canons During the Yuan Dynasty
Appendix Ⅱ Constitution of the Chinese Taoist Association
Appendix Ⅲ Rules of the Chinese Taoist Association on Administration of Taoist Monasteries and Temples
Appendix Ⅳ Regulations of the Chinese Taoist Asso- ciation on Administration of Non-resident Zhengyi Taoist Priests

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ISBN: 978-7-119-02015-0, 9787119020150
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