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ISBN:978-3-905816-90-7, 9783905816907



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Beijng Eats (食在北京,英文)

ISBN: 978-7-80202-943-9, 9787802029439

书名Beijng Eats (食在北京,英文)
编著/主编:Eileen Wen Mooney 温爱英
出版社Immersion Guides / True Run Media (楚人鼎立广告公司), China Population Publishing House (中国人口出版社)
语言: 英文
开本:18 x 18 cm

The title says it all: Beijing Eats – A Food-Lover's Companion to China's Culinary Capital. It’s the ultimate English language guide to Beijing’s Chinese restaurants.
Each Chinese regional cooking style has its own chapter, with an insider’s list of the best restaurants, along with cultural information and expert descriptions of classic regional dishes. The book’s gold standard is authenticity, not snob appeal, so the eateries range from hole-in-the-wall noodle bars to the finest of fine dining restaurants.
Written by Beijing resident and food writer Eileen Wen Mooney, Beijing Eats is the expert friend every foreigner needs if they want to dine like a Beijing local. The book features:
- 140 restaurants 496 dishes
- 31 regional and historic cuisines
- Fully bilingual information on dishes, for easy ordering
- Bilingual glossary and phrase list
- Nine color maps with restaurant locations
- Extra chapters on special styles such as vegetarian, contemporary, and dishes from the classic novel Dream of the Red Mansions
- Information on special topics like beancurd, breakfasts and street food
- Advice on food etiquette

The ultimate English language guide to Beijing’s Chinese restaurants is finally here! Beijing Eats – A Food-Lover’s Companion to China’s Culinary Capital is your guide to 140 of Beijing’s best Chinese restaurants, covering 31 regional and historic cuisines.
Beijing Eats is written by Eileen Wen Mooney, a long-time Beijing resident and food writer. She has a deep love of Chinese food, years of experience and a fierce determination to seek out authenticity in the preparation and serving of food. That means Beijing Eats takes you to places that few foreigners go to, and offers you a unique chance to dine like a Beijing local in the know.
Each Chinese regional cooking style has its own chapter, with cultural information and expert descriptions of classic regional dishes, plus Eileen’s picks of the best restaurants. The names of all dishes and ingredients are in Chinese and pinyin as well as English, and naturally, addresses are bilingual too.
With Beijing Eats, choosing and finding restaurants is a breeze. You can select the cuisine that interests you, then find the most convenient restaurant using the book’s nine color maps. Every one of the restaurants is clearly located with a numbered location point.

The best of China’s great cooking styles can be found in Beijing, if you know where to look – and Eileen Wen Mooney knows where. A Beijing resident and food writer, she shows you an insider’s list of Beijing’s best regional restaurants, from hole-in-the-wall-eateries to the finest of fine dining.

Sample the vanishing arts of Shandong’s delicate cuisine, savor Sichuan favorities the way they’re really meant to be, taste the exotic dishes of China’s far frontiers: Beijing Eats takes you on a culinary voyage through China’s 28 provinces – without ever leaving Beijing.

Packed with detail and enthusiasm, Beijing Eats is a lot more than a restaurant guide. It’s a tabletop primer on one of the world’s great cuisines, indispensable for the casual diner and the dedicated food-lover alike.

”Finally, a restaurant guide that never condescends to foreign diners by sacrificing authenticity… Eileen Wen Mooney’s no-nonsense approach and discerning palate doesn’t just lead you to the treasures in China’s capital, but to a deeper appreciation of why China is the world’s capital of eating.”
- John Krich, author of Won Ton Lust and former Wall Street Journal Asia food columnist

”This is not just a restaurant guide, but a fascinating compendium of information on China’s diverse cuisines. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in eating well in China.”
- Fuchsia Dunlop, author of Land of Plenty: A Treasury of Authentic Sichuan Cooking

孔子学院适用教材文化读本系列 - 孟子名言精选 (古汉语,现代汉语和英文&
孔子学院适用教材文化读本系列 - 孟子名言精选 (古汉语,现代汉语和英文&
冯友兰: 中国哲学简史 (英汉对照,上下册)<br>ISBN: 978-7-80688-283-2, 9787806882832
冯友兰: 中国哲学简史 (英汉对照,上下册)
ISBN: 978-7-80688-283-2, 9787806882832
--中国字书写 (德文注释本)<br>ISBN: 978-7-100-06019-6, 9787100060196
--中国字书写 (德文注释本)
ISBN: 978-7-100-06019-6, 9787100060196
孔子学院适用教材文化读本系列 - 庄子名言精选 (古汉语,现代汉语和英文&
孔子学院适用教材文化读本系列 - 庄子名言精选 (古汉语,现代汉语和英文&
--中国话 下册 (德文注释本,带光盘一张)<br>ISBN:978-7-100-06976-2, 9787100069762, 978-3-905816-31-0, 9783905816310
--中国话 下册 (德文注释本,带光盘一张)
ISBN:978-7-100-06976-2, 9787100069762, 978-3-905816-31-0, 9783905816310
孔子学院适用教材文化读本系列 - 孟子名言精选 (古汉语,现代汉语和英文&
孔子学院适用教材文化读本系列 - 孟子名言精选 (古汉语,现代汉语和英文&
古文观止精选 (汉英对照)<br>ISBN: 7-5600-4847-1, 7560048471, 9787560048475
古文观止精选 (汉英对照)
ISBN: 7-5600-4847-1, 7560048471, 9787560048475
季羡林: 留德十年 (1935 - 1945) (德文版)<br>ISBN: 978-7-5600-8431-2, 9787560084312
季羡林: 留德十年 (1935 - 1945) (德文版)
ISBN: 978-7-5600-8431-2, 9787560084312
中国地理常识 (中德对照)<br>ISBN: 978-7-04-020721-7, 9787040207217
中国地理常识 (中德对照)
ISBN: 978-7-04-020721-7, 9787040207217
Deutsch English Chinesisch
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通知Beijng Eats (食在北京,英文)
ISBN: 978-7-80202-943-9, 9787802029439

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