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许先哲 Xu Xianzhe: 镖人 第一卷  Biaoren - Die Klingen der W踄hter - Band 2 (德文版)<br>ISBN:978-3-905816-95-2, 9783905816952
许先哲 Xu Xianzhe: 镖人 第一卷 Biaoren - Die Klingen der W踄hter - Band 2 (德文版)
ISBN:978-3-905816-95-2, 9783905816952



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现代汉语实用语法 Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar - A Practical Guide

ISBN:978-0-415-70010-8, 9780415700108

书名: 现代汉语实用语法 Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar - A Practical Guide - 现代汉语实用语法 Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar - A Practical Guide
编著/主编: Claudia Ross, Claudia Ross, Jing-heng Sheng Ma, Jing-heng Sheng Ma
ISBN: 978-0-415-70010-8, 9780415700108
出版社: Routledge, UK
语言: 汉英对照
出版时间: 2006.06
版次: 1
页数: 424
开本: 24.6 x 17.5 cm
包装: 平装



Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar is an innovative reference guide to Mandarin Chinese, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume.

Divided into two sections closely linked by extensive cross-references, it covers:

•traditional grammatical categories such as phrase order, nouns, verbs and specifiers
•language functions and notions such as communication strategies, giving and seeking information, expressing apologies, regrets and sympathies.
With all grammar points and functions richly illustrated with examples, and a strong emphasis on contemporary usage, the main features of this Grammar include examples in simplified characters, traditional characters, and romanization (Pinyin) as well as an emphasis on areas of particular difficulty for learners of Mandarin Chinese.

This is the ideal reference grammar for learners of Mandarin Chinese at all levels, from elementary to advanced. No prior knowledge of grammatical terminology is assumed and a glossary of grammatical terms is provided. Featuring related exercises and activities, this Grammar is accompanied by the Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar Workbook.


'…exceptionally useful, accessible and easy-to-use grammar.' - Forum for Modern Language Studies


Part A


1 Overview of Pronunciation and Pinyin Romanization

2 Syllable, Meaning, and Word

3 The Chinese Writing System: An Overview

4 Grammatical Categories, Grammatical Terms, and Basic Phrase Order

5 Nouns

6 Numbers

7 Specifiers and Demonstratives

8 Classifiers

9 Noun Phrases

10 Adjectival Verbs

11 Stative Verbs

12 Modal Verbs

13 Action Verbs

14 Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases

15 Adverbs

16 Conjunctions

17 Passive

Part B

Situations and Functions

18 Names, Kinship Terms, Titles, and Terms of Address

19 Introductions

20 Greetings and Goodbyes

21 Basic Strategies for Communication

22 Telecommunications and e-communications: Telephones, the internet, beepers, and faxes

23 Negating Information

24 Asking Questions and Replying to Questions

25 Expressing Identification, Possession, and Existence

26 Describing People, Places, and Things

27 Describing How Actions are Performed

28 Indicating Result, Conclusion, Potential, and Extent

29 Making Comparisons

30 Talking About the Present

31 Talking About Habitual Actions

32 Talking About the Future

33 Indicating Completion and Talking About the Past

34 Talking About Change, New Situations, and Changing Situations

35 Talking About Duration and Frequency

36 Expressing Additional Information

37 Expressing Contrast

38 Expressing Sequence

39 Expressing Simultaneous Situations

40 Expressing Cause and Effect or Reason and Result

41 Expressing Conditions

42. Expressing both, all, every, any, none, not any, and no matter how

43 Expressing Location and Distance

44 Talking about Movement, Directions, and Means of Transportation

45 Talking about Clock Time and Calendar Time

46 Expressing Obligation and Prohibitions

47 Expressing Commands and Permission

48 Expressing Ability and Possibility

49 Expressing Desires, Needs, Preferences, and Willingness

50 Expressing Knowledge, Advice, and Opinions

51 Expressing Fear or Worry

52 Expressing Speaker Attitudes and Perspectives

53 Topic, Focus, and Emphasis

54 Guest and Host

55 Giving and Responding to Compliments

56 Expressing Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

57 Expressing Gratitude and Responding to Expressions of Gratitude

58 Invitations, Requests, and Refusals

59 Expressing Apologies, Regrets, and Sympathy

60 Expressing Congratulations and Good Wishes


现代汉语实用语法 Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar - Workbook<br>ISBN:978-0-415-70011-5, 9780415700115
现代汉语实用语法 Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar - Workbook
ISBN:978-0-415-70011-5, 9780415700115

中学汉语7:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)<br>ISBN:978-7-80200-563-1, 97878020
中学汉语7:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)
ISBN:978-7-80200-563-1, 97878020
中学汉语10:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)<br>ISBN:978-7-80200-566-2, 9787802
中学汉语10:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)
ISBN:978-7-80200-566-2, 9787802
中学汉语8:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)<br>ISBN:978-7-80200-564-8, 97878020
中学汉语8:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)
ISBN:978-7-80200-564-8, 97878020
中学汉语1:课本1、练习册1A、练习册1B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)<br>ISBN:978-7-80200-557-0, 97878
中学汉语1:课本1、练习册1A、练习册1B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)
ISBN:978-7-80200-557-0, 97878
中学汉语9:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)<br>ISBN:978-7-80200-565-5, 97878020
中学汉语9:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)
ISBN:978-7-80200-565-5, 97878020
中学汉语3:课本3、练习册3A、练习册3B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)<br>ISBN:978-7-80200-559-4, 97878
中学汉语3:课本3、练习册3A、练习册3B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)
ISBN:978-7-80200-559-4, 97878
中学汉语2:课本2、练习册2A、练习册2B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)<br>ISBN:978-7-80200-558-7, 97878
中学汉语2:课本2、练习册2A、练习册2B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)
ISBN:978-7-80200-558-7, 97878
中学汉语4:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)<br>ISBN:978-7-80200-560-0, 97878020
中学汉语4:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)
ISBN:978-7-80200-560-0, 97878020
中学汉语5:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)<br>ISBN:978-7-80200-561-7, 97878020
中学汉语5:课本、练习册A、练习册B, 汉子卡片, 附光盘) (英汉对照)
ISBN:978-7-80200-561-7, 97878020
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ISBN:978-0-415-70010-8, 9780415700108

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