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许先哲 Xu Xianzhe: 镖人 第一卷  Biaoren - Die Klingen der W踄hter - Band 2 (德文版)<br>ISBN:978-3-905816-95-2, 9783905816952
许先哲 Xu Xianzhe: 镖人 第一卷 Biaoren - Die Klingen der W踄hter - Band 2 (德文版)
ISBN:978-3-905816-95-2, 9783905816952



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时代 - 中级汉语报刊阅读教程 (上册)

ISBN:7-5619-1665-5, 7561916655, 9787561916650

TIMES - Newspaper Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese (Ⅰ)

时代 - 中级汉语报刊阅读教程(上)

TIMES - Newspaper Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese (Volumes I and II) is a textbook of Chinese newspaper reading intended for international students who have studied in China for a year.

The textbook may be used for universities sophomores, intermediate refresher course, or short-term advanced Chinese program. Each lesson is completed in four class hours (45 minutes for each hour), and each volume is finished in one semester. Selection of materials comes first in developing textbooks of newspaper reading. News selected for the textbook must be update. Todays news may become outdated tomorrow, which is especially true for some emergent events. However, if the content of the news selected keeps up with the times and the events and figures reported are what people are concerned about, the materials will not become outdated in a relatively long period of time. Different contents need to be expressed in different forms, which are called the styles. At present, newspaper news has been classified into three categories news, newsletters and news commentaries, each of which can be further subdivided. Students are expected to understand the characteristics of the news in Chinese newspapers in terms of the style of writing through learning the lessons in this textbook.

The second problem is the degree of difficulty of the news selected. Relatively short pieces of news appropriate for intermediate students of Chinese are selected for this textbook. The news presented in Vol. I has about 600 to 1200 characters in each piece. However, the texts are arranged not according to their length, but according to quantity of the new words, difficulty of the content and familiarity of students with the material. After all, newspapers are natural texts, so the main problem for students in newspaper reading is vocabulary. We have made the following efforts to provide students with support in learning vocabulary:

(1) proper names are underlined when they appear in the text for the first time;
(2) explanations of idioms are provided after the text;
(3) notes are given to the names of important institutions relevant to the text and to current cultural phenomena; and
(4) new words are listed and annotated in Chinese in each lesson, and annotations of the words in English are given in the appendix. All these are helpful in lowering the difficulty in reading the news for students.

The textbooks are consisted of two volumes. Each volume has 4 units and is further divided into 15 lessons. A comprehensive review is designed for each unit. The lesson contains two parts Text 1 and Text 2, which are relevant with or complement each other. Text 1 is mainly for intensive reading, while Text 2 extensive reading. For Text 1, background information about the topic, style of writing and text analysis are provided at the beginning, and notes and sentence patterns of the news are presented at the end in order to meet the needs of teaching. Upon the completion of the learning of Text 1 students are expected to understand the characteristics of the text, vocabulary, and sentence patterns of Chinese news and get familiar with those frequently used words and expressions on certain topics so as to master the fundamental knowledge and reading skills of Chinese newspapers. For Text 2, students are required to read the text with questions and without referring to the dictionary in order to improve their reading comprehension. A great number of exercises are provided for each lesson with more exercises for Text 1 than for Text 2. Exercises provided for the unit reviews can be used by the teacher as tests in class or by students as self-tests.




时代 - 中级汉语报刊阅读教程(下)



货号. 42.0094

时代 高级汉语报刊阅读教程(下册)<br>ISBN:978-7-5619-3225-4, 9787561932254
时代 高级汉语报刊阅读教程(下册)
ISBN:978-7-5619-3225-4, 9787561932254

时代 高级汉语报刊阅读教程 上(含附录手册)<br>ISBN:978-7-5619-2602-4, 9787561926024
时代 高级汉语报刊阅读教程 上(含附录手册)
ISBN:978-7-5619-2602-4, 9787561926024

新华写字字典 (第二版)<br>ISBN:978-7-100-06562-7, 9787100065627
新华写字字典 (第二版)
ISBN:978-7-100-06562-7, 9787100065627
现代西汉汉西词典<br>ISBN: 978-7-5600-0779-3, 9787560007793
ISBN: 978-7-5600-0779-3, 9787560007793
精选西汉汉西词典<br>ISBN: 7-100-03757-3, 7100037573, 978-7-100-03757-0, 9787100037570
ISBN: 7-100-03757-3, 7100037573, 978-7-100-03757-0, 9787100037570
汉语800字 (西班牙语版)<br>ISBN: 978-7-5600-8776-4, 9787560087764
汉语800字 (西班牙语版)
ISBN: 978-7-5600-8776-4, 9787560087764
最新簡繁體速查字典<br>ISBN: 978-986-6678-74-5, 9789866678745
ISBN: 978-986-6678-74-5, 9789866678745
汉英法日俄多种语言对照基础词汇<br>ISBN: 7-80052-853-7, 7800528537, 978-7-80052-853-8, 9787800528538
ISBN: 7-80052-853-7, 7800528537, 978-7-80052-853-8, 9787800528538
滚雪球学汉语 中级版 (英文,法文,德文,西文四语种注释本) (含MP3光盘一ঃ
滚雪球学汉语 中级版 (英文,法文,德文,西文四语种注释本) (含MP3光盘一ঃ
BCT(A)耀攜枙摩 (蜇MP3嫖攫)<br>ISBN:978-7-04-039254-8, 9787040392548
BCT(A)耀攜枙摩 (蜇MP3嫖攫)
ISBN:978-7-04-039254-8, 9787040392548
HSK考前强化 口试(高等)<br> ISBN: 7-5619-1349-4, 7561913494
HSK考前强化 口试(高等)
ISBN: 7-5619-1349-4, 7561913494
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通知时代 - 中级汉语报刊阅读教程 (上册)
ISBN:7-5619-1665-5, 7561916655, 9787561916650

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