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ISBN: 978-3-03887-003-6, 9783038870036



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求实商务汉语 The Routledge Course in Business Chinese

ISBN:978-0-415-66803-3, 9780415668033

书名: 求实商务汉语 The Routledge Course in Business Chinese - 求实商务汉语 The Routledge Course in Business Chinese
编著/主编: Qinghai Chen, Le Tang, Qiuli Zhao
ISBN: 978-0-415-66803-3, 9780415668033
出版社: Routledge, UK
语言: 汉英对照
出版时间: 2012.07
版次: 1
页数: 240
开本: 29.5 x 21 cm
包装: 平装



The Routledge Course in Business Chinese has been specifically designed for students in the fourth year of language learning or above who wish to progress their language training and prepare to tackle real-life business situations confidently and effectively.

Designed to prepare students for the world of business, The Routledge Course in Business Chinese presents timeless business knowledge through topics ranging from frequently occurring business activities, economic systems and phenomena, to issues of common interest. Topics include: the stock market, international trade and economic recession and inflation.

Business knowledge is presented as a means to facilitate language learning, while the content-based materials enhance cultural awareness. The course focuses primarily on developing advanced language skills with particular emphasis on formal styles and business terminology.

Students are supported and guided through the course as they develop the skills they need to continue learning for themselves. Students are encouraged and inspired to explore and keep up-to-date with new developments in China’s economy through their own efforts, thus developing an independent learning style and connecting classroom learning to the real-world.

Key features:

◦focuses on practical language skills and language learning skills

◦foundation in the common core of the language reinforced through task-based exercises to encourage language use

◦provides timeless topics as a foundation and encourages students to acquire recent information to supplement this through their own efforts thus guiding them to make the necessary connections between the classroom and the real world.
By the end of this rewarding course students will have the language skills and learning skills required to deal effectively with a range of business situations and the skills to prepare themselves for any future business encounters.


Introduction. To Fellow Instructors of Business Chinese. Preparatory Business Chinese Warm-up Lesson. Lesson 1 Stock Market and Real Estate Market. Lesson 2 Foreign-exchange Market and Exchange Rate. Lesson 3 Marketing. Lesson 4 International Trade Lesson 5 Business Administration Lesson 6 Transnational Operations. Lesson 7 Ownership and Modes of Operation. Lesson 8 Economic Recession and Inflation Lesson 9 Taxation. Lesson 10 Personal Finance Management and Insurance. Lesson 11 Intellectual Property. Lesson 12 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. Appendix A Chinese-English Glossary of Words and Expressions. Appendix B Index of Language Tips. Appendix C Index of Notes.

Author Bio:

Qinghai Chen (陈青海) is a pioneer of Business Chinese teaching and research in the United States and is currently on the advisory committee of the Center for International Business Chinese Education and Resources Development at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE) and the board of the Inter-University Program of Chinese Language Studies (IUP). He has directed the University of Michigan Chinese Language Program for ten years.

Le Tang (唐乐) teaches Chinese at Stanford University and heads the Summer Intensive Chinese Program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS).

Qiuli Zhao (赵秋篱) teaches Business Chinese at the University of Michigan.

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通知求实商务汉语 The Routledge Course in Business Chinese
ISBN:978-0-415-66803-3, 9780415668033

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