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Chen Uen 郑问: Der erste Kaiser 始皇 (中文简体德文双语版)  (zweisprachige Ausgabe Deutsch-Chinesisch in Kurzzeichen)<br>ISBN: 978-3-905816-82-2, 9783905816822
Chen Uen 郑问: Der erste Kaiser 始皇 (中文简体德文双语版) (zweisprachige Ausgabe Deutsch-Chinesisch in Kurzzeichen)
ISBN: 978-3-905816-82-2, 9783905816822

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陣頭 Din Tao: Leader of the Parade (Bluray Disc)


Titel: 陣頭 Din Tao: Leader of the Parade (Bluray Disc) - 陣頭 Din Tao: Leader of the Parade (藍光BD)
Medium: 1 Bluray Disc
ISBN: 4710756221999
Regie: 冯凯 Feng Kai
Schauspieler: 柯 有倫 | 小鬼 (黃鴻升) | 陳博正 | 劉品言 Alan Kuo | Alien Huang | Chen Bo Zheng | Esther Liu
Sprache: Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Untertitel: Chinesisch, Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum: 2012
Spieldauer: 123
Region code: Bluray Region A


Din Tao: Leader of the Parade (Chinese: 陣頭; pinyin: Zhèntóu; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tīn-thâu) is a 2012 Taiwanese movie starring Alan Ko (柯有倫), Alien Huang (黃鴻升), Crystal Lin (林雨宣), Chen Po-cheng (陳博正), Samantha Ko (柯淑勤), and Liao Jun (廖峻). It is directed by Fung Kai (馮凱), and produced by the Taiwan branch of 20th Century Fox.

The movie tells the story of a young man reconciling with his father, reviving his father's troupe, and taking its performance from religious processions to stage. The story is inspired by Jiu-Tian Folk Arts Group (Chinese: 九天民俗技藝團, also known as Jiu-Tian Folk Arts Troupe), which collaborated with and performed for the filmmaking. The film is mainly in Taiwanese Hokkien language with some Mandarin. The movie costed NTD 41 million to produce. It was released on January 20 (during Chinese New Year) and later earned approximately NTD 315 million.
Ah-Tai (Alan Ko) narrates that he is the son of Uncle Da (Chen Bo-Zheng) and Aunt Da (Samantha Ko), who run a troupe in Taichung. Uncle Da's troupe does traditional performance in front of religious processions. The religion requires performers to "initiate the faces and pose as gods" — to put on a special face painting, or to put on a heavy body puppet costume, both of these represent gods' persona. The performance demands training of martial arts, acrobatics and endurance, and the society associates performers with gangsters. Uncle Da has been competing with Wu-cheng (Liao Jun), who studied with Uncle Da under the same master. Ah-Tai grew estranged with his father and the troupe, and went to Taipei to study Rock Music, until a mysterious old man in a blue coat bids him home.

Ah-Tai's home is a small private temple which also accommodates Uncle Da's troupe, now named Jiu-Tian. The troupe is composed of one young woman Min-min (Crystal Lin) and three young men: Li-Zi is autistic, A-Xin is abused by his father, and Min-Min, A-Kui and Ma-Liya came to Uncle Da's strict discipline to avoid becoming gangsters. Uncle Da is aided by middle-aged Betelnut-Cheng. Betelnut-Cheng is married with a mainlander immigrant wife, and may have to quit the troupe to concentrate on his betelnut stand.

At home Ah-Tai quarrels with Uncle Da and his troupe. They call Ah-Tai "Three Minutes" because he cannot commit himself long enough. Meanwhile, the Jiu-Tian Troupe is pushed out of business by Wu-Cheng's troupe. With the support of Aunt Da, Ah-Tai challenges Wu-Cheng and his son Ah-Xian (Alien Huang): Ah-Tai takes charge of the Jiu-Tian Troupe, and promises that under his leadership, the Jiu-Tian Troupe will defeat Wu-Cheng's troupe in six months, or else the Jiu-Tian Troupe will leave Taichung altogether.

As he takes charge, Ah-Tai learns the art of the troupe and the difficulties of each troupe member. Ah-Tai starts training them with drumming, and tries to use stage elements and create a new performance that "earns respect without initiating the face and posing as gods." Uncle Da is against Ah-Tai's idea, and all crew members are loyal to Uncle Da. Ah-Tai insists on his authority, and takes the troupe on a tour to circle the Taiwan island on foot. Outside the troupe, Ah-Tai is also challenged by Ah-Xian, who performs the challenging sequence of "Settling Camp" before him.

On their island tour, the Jiu-Tian Troupe performed drumming before a temple. Ah-Tai's style is accepted by the crowd and other troupes, and Ah-Tai earns the hearts of all the troupe members. The tour also attracts coverage of TV show host Xiao-Bi (Esther Liu) and becomes famous. Ah-Xian, though antagonistic to Ah-Tai, admires Ah-Tai's will to take over his father's place. Both Xiao-Bi and Min-Min develop romantic interest in Ah-Tai, but Ah-Tai only sees Min-Min and Xiao-Bi gives up.

After the Jiu-Tian Troupe returns to Taichung, they win the promised contest with Wu-Cheng's group. Ah-Xian eventually joins Ah-Tai, and the two young men want to combine the two troupes to perform on the "International Cultural Festival" hosted by the Taichung government. However their fathers reject the plan. The man in blue coat shows up again and is revealed to be the master of Uncle Da and Wu-Cheng. He beats the two disciples and lectures them. Later in the temple, the two fathers reconcile each other and their sons and the two troupes join hands for the Festival.

On the night of the festival, the Jiu-Tian Troupe performed on a stage in the amphitheater of an urban park. the Jiu-tian Troupe's new style of performance modifies the face painting and costumes, and is combined with stage props, effects, performers' vocals and electric guitars. They win the respect of their families, the master, and all other audiences. Ah-Tai's narration concludes that his way now earns Uncle Da's support, and the Jiu-Tian Troupe undergoes an even more difficult training including climbing Mount Yu and passing Sahara desert, Africa.


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