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ISBN:978-3-905816-95-2, 9783905816952

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Zui'ai (Love for Live) (Blu-ray Disc)

ISBN:978-7-88763-143-5, 9787887631435

Titel: Zui'ai (Love for Live) (Blu-ray Disc) - 最爱(BD25蓝光碟)
Medium: 1 Bluray Disc
ISBN: 978-7-88763-143-5, 9787887631435
Director: 顾长卫 Gu Zhangwei
Cast: 郭富城 Aaron Kwok, 章子怡 Zhang Ziyi, 陶泽如 Tao Zeru, 濮存昕 Pu Cunxin, 等 ...
Language: chinese (mandarin)
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Year: 2011
Lenght: 100
Region code: Code Free (All Region ABC)


Love for Life (simplified Chinese: 最爱; traditional Chinese: 最愛; pinyin: Zuì ài), also known as Life Is a Miracle, Til Death Do Us Part and Love for Live, is a 2011 film directed by Gu Changwei. This is Gu's third film as director after a lengthy career as a cinematographer for some of China's top directors. It was released on 10 May 2011 in China.


Opening narration:

"Once there was a village called 'Goddess Temple', high up in the mountains.

Once there was a fever that the world called AIDS. It snuck into our village softly and everyone who got it died like falling leaves."


The peacefulness of a rural village has been disrupted by an outbreak of a disease, which the locals call 'a fever'. Villagers learn very quickly that there is no cure for the disease and refuse to have anything to do with the infected. Lao Zhuzhu is a teacher at the now-abandoned village school and the father of Zhao Qiquan, the blood merchant responsible for causing the outbreak. He decides to make amendments to the villagers on behalf of his unrepentant son by inviting all the infected villagers, including his younger son, Zhao Deyi, to live with him at the village school, where they will look after one another.

One day, Shang Qinqin, donning a red jacket, arrives at the school compound to join the small community. A few days later, her red jacket is stolen but no one is willing to admit to committing the theft. The villagers come to an agreement that the thief be given a chance by letting him to return the jacket later at night when everyone else has fallen asleep, but no one does so. Instead, a second theft occurs, and this time it is the Village Head who has his precious lifelong diary and some money stolen. This time, Deyi insists that everyone's belongings be searched. But instead of finding the Village Head's diary and money, the villagers find Qinqin's red jacket among the belongings of another infected villager, Old Bump. The Village Head's diary was never found. Soon after, Deyi goes to ask the Village Head to come out for his meal, but instead discovers that he has died on his bed, clutching the diary in his hands.

While living at the abandoned school compound, mutual empathy grows quickly between Qinqin and Deyi, for they were both rejected by their spouses after being infected by the fever. Empathy grows into love, as they soon develop an adulterous romantic relationship while still being married to their respective spouses. One day, Qinqin and Deyi are caught in the act by Qinqin's husband, Xiaohai, who was tipped off by two non-infected villagers and Xiaohai forces Qinqin to pack up and return home.

Eventually, Qinqin is chased out and asked by her mother-in-law to return only when her husband has found a new wife so that they can proceed with a divorce. Deyi takes her in and the both of them move to a tiny cottage on the hilltop, commencing a life full of constant negativity from fellow villagers. Deyi decides that he wants to marry Qinqin and the pair kneel down and beg a reluctant Lao Zhuzhu to help by requesting Qinqin's mother-in-law to grant a divorce. Xiaohai agrees, but on the condition that Deyi wills him the house that he once shared with Haoyan, his former wife.

Deyi and Qinqin move into Deyi's house while waiting for Qiquan to help them get back their marriage licences from the city government. On the day they are finally married, Qinqin, in a striking red two-piece ensemble, and Deyi, wearing a red tie carelessly-tied around his neck, strut down the streets of the village, giving out lucky candies to villagers who run from them upon sight. Their exuberant spirits are not to be dampened, and the pair continue with their walk around the village, announcing their marriage and showing off their marriage licences.

Despite not having the blessings and approval of the people around them, Qinqin and Deyi overcome great obstacles to pursue a life together as husband and wife.

One wintry day, Deyi succumbs to a severe fever. In a desperate attempt to ease Deyi's burning sensation, Qinqin immerses herself in a tub of icy cold water. Deyi finally falls asleep with a cold Qinqin in his arms. The next morning, Deyi wakes up and weakly reaches for Qinqin, who is shown lying on the floor by the side of the bed.

《最爱》主要人物▪ 琴琴(章子怡 饰) ▪ 赵得意(郭富城 饰) ▪ 梁房(蒋雯丽 饰)
▪ 老柱柱(陶泽如 饰) ▪ 赵齐全(濮存昕 饰) ▪ 村长(孙海英 饰)
▪ 大嘴(王宝强 饰) ▪ 小海(蔡国庆 饰) ▪ 郝 艳(李丹阳 饰)


《最爱》剧照(20张)如饰)的儿子赵得意(郭富城饰)不幸染病。在周围排斥的目光下,很快得意和所有病人都来到了一所废弃的小学里,过起了与世隔绝的生活。老柱柱怀着忐忑的心情前往小学照顾包括儿子在内的病人。本以为同病相怜的人们能相处融洽,谁知每个人各怀心事,就连这小小的避风港中也是是非不断。小学里弥漫着阴霾的气息,直到琴琴(章子怡 饰)的出现。同为病人的得意和琴琴很快从相怜到相爱。而这段在绝境中萌生的近乎看得到尽头的爱情,并没有得到世人的理解与祝福。各方压力呼啸而来。他们用最后的生命,证明了爱,有多难,就有多灿烂。
自从这个村子有了热病,一切的生活都不一样了,有些疯癫的大嘴(王宝强 饰)整天都拿着破烂的喇叭高声喊着:“有新药能治热病啦!”,本来和睦的团员家庭也因为热病变得四分五裂,很多人都死了,死了……
村里有个老师,大家都叫他“老柱柱”(陶泽如 饰),他的大儿子叫赵齐全(濮存晰 饰)就是村里有名的血头,因为热病泛滥,有人认为是齐全做血液买卖带来了灾难,有村民为报复齐全,暗中毒死了老柱柱家的鸡,毒死了他家的狗,还用有毒的西红柿毒死了齐全的儿子小鑫(胡泽涛 饰),为此老柱柱既伤心又无奈的给孙子送终了。老柱柱还是一心想要为村里人做点什么,于是把村里废弃的娘娘庙小学便成病人的集中营,为大家都能够彼此照顾,老柱柱自己也同时搬了进去。老柱柱的二儿子赵得意(郭富城 饰)本来也在哥哥所谓的血液贸易经商,不料也感染了热病,妻子郝艳(李丹阳 饰)对其敬而远之,连手都不敢跟他牵一下,得意也随老柱柱搬进了学校住。老柱柱侄子小海(
蔡国庆 饰)的媳妇琴琴(章子怡 饰)因为想买一瓶洗发水去卖血不料也得了热病,也不得不离开小海搬进了学校这个病人集中营。总之,这里是大家的新家了。
在这个学校集中营里,大家同住一个屋同吃一碗饭,一副表面和谐的生活开始了。不料突然发生了一系列离奇的被盗案件。先是代理村长四轮(孙海英 饰)丢失了村里的公章(因为有人想当代理村长),然后莫名其妙的丢了大米——负责为大家做饭的梁房偷的(蒋雯丽 饰),甚至连琴琴的棉袄都丢了(李建华 饰演的老疙瘩偷的)……几番折腾以后,陆续找到了丢失的东西。村里跟学校都还是陆续也有人死了。当热病蔓延村子夺走他们的生命时,他们一样暴露出根深蒂固的劣根性,偷盗、掠财、争权、短见。得意跟琴琴因为被盗案渐渐产生了情愫,加上彼此的另一半都已经抛弃了自己,二人决定在一起。不过这段恋情十分坎坷,伦理不容,村里人耻笑。但是经历过千辛万苦最终二人还是跟原本的配偶离婚彼此在一起了,挨家挨户的发喜糖,报喜,幸福的背后却也逃不过热病带来的死亡。

This product was added to our catalog on Freitag 13 Dezember, 2013.
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ISBN:978-7-88763-143-5, 9787887631435
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