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寂地 Jidi: 我的路 Wo de lu - Mein Weg - Band 3 ("My Way", bilingual Chinese-German langauge edition)<br>ISBN: 978-3-03887-002-9, 9783038870029
寂地 Jidi: 我的路 Wo de lu - Mein Weg - Band 3 ("My Way", bilingual Chinese-German langauge edition)
ISBN: 978-3-03887-002-9, 9783038870029

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A Selection of Traditional Chinese Paintings

ISBN:7-5085-1030-5, 7508510305, 9787508510309

Chinese painting has a long history. For thousands of years, it undergoes continuous enrichment, innovation and development. Artists, mainly Han people but also including some minorities, create distinctive painting styles and a variety of techniques. The unique painting system grants China an important position and influence in oriental and even world art.

This book selects top-notch Chinese paintings since the Jin-Dynasty (265-420). These paintings and their authors have produced direct and drastic impacts on the development of traditional Chinese painting of later ages.

Through these works, we can not only appreciate great Oriental painting art imbued with artistic taste, but also have a glimpse of profound Chinese culture.


Paintings from Jin to Tang Dynasties

Ode to Goddess of the Luo River – Gu Kaizhi
Spring Excursion – Zhan Ziqian
Palace Ladies Wearing Flowered Headdresses – Zhou Fang
Court Ladies – Anonymous
Portraits of the Past Thirteen Emperors – Yan Liben
The Imperial Sedan Chair – Yan Liben
Emperor Xuanzong’s Journey to Shu - Li Zhaodao
Leisure Life of Hermits – Sun Wei

Paintings in the Five Dynasties and Song Dynasty

Herd of Deer in a Maple Grove – Anonymous
Eight High Officials Ride Horses for a Spring Outing – Zhao Yan
The Night Revels of Han Xizai – Gu Hongzhong
Peacocks in a Loquat Tree – Cui Bai
Album of Paintings on the Book of Filial Piety – Ma Hezhi
Homeward Oxherds in Wind and Rain – Li Di
Literary Gathering – Zhao Ji
A Copy of Zhang Xuan’s Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk – Zhao Ji
Five-Colored Parakeet at a Flowering Apricot Tree – Zhao Ji
Editing Books in Northern Qi Kingdom – Anonymous
New Year Offerings – Zhao Chang
Partridge and Sparrows among Briars – Huang Jucai
Pure and Remote Views of Mountains and Streams – Xia Gui
A Copy of Zhang Xuan’s Lady Guoguo’s Spring Outing – Zhang Xuan
Arhat – Liu Songnian
Children Playing in the Autumn Garden – Su Hanchen
Training Parrots – Anonymous
Children and Two Palm Civets – Anonymous
Flowering Crab-apple – Lin Chun
Flower Basket – Li Song
Gumbo – Anonymous
Apricot Flower – Zhao Chang
Newborn Birds in Willow Branch – Anonymous
Birds in an Apple Tree - Anonymous

Paintings in the Yuan Dynasty

A Red Dressed Monk from the Western Regions – Zhao Mengfu
Dry Branches, Bamboo and Rocks – Zhao Mengfu
Bamboo Groves in Misty Rain – Guan Daosheng
Herd Boy Returning Home along a Willow Embankment – Anonymous
Mandarin Ducks under Withered Lotus – Zhang Zhong
Homeward Fishermen – Tang Di
Gardens of Han Dynasty – Li Rongjin
Hermit Fisherman on Donting – Wu Zhen
Ink Bamboo – Wu Zhen
Anchu Secluded Hut – Ni Zan
Boat under Newly Rising Moon – Anonymous
Lu Yu Prepares Tea – Zhao Yuan
Bamboo Grove in Rocks – Gu An
Plum Blossoms in Early Spring – Wang Mian
Big Dragon Boat – Wang Zhenpeng
Pavilion of Prince Teng – Xia Yong
Thatched Hut in Bamboo Forest – Zhang Wo
Rowing Boat in the Autumn Stream – Sheng Mao
Playing the Qin under Pine Trees – Zhu Derun
Autumn Scenery outside Forest Pavilion – Anonymous
Fishes Pierced by Bamboo Bars – Anonymous
An Eagle Standing at Framework – Xu Ze
Two Birds Resting in Red Autumnal Leaves – Anonymous
Peddler – Zhu Derun
Arhat with Horsetail Whisk - Anonymous

Paintings in the Ming Dynasty

The Height of the Lushan Mountain – Shen Zhou
Red-Crowned Crane in the River – Shen Zhou
Tao Gu Presents a Poem – Tang Yin
An Imitation of Beauty Paintings in Tang Dynasty – Tang Yin
Chat in a Riverside Pavilion – Wen Zhengming
Flowers, Grasses and Insects – Chen Hongshou
Pine Waves on Mountain Path – Tang Yin
A Copy of Peace Reigns over River – Qiu Ying
Rest in the Shade of Phoenix Tree – Qiu Ying
Whiling away the Summer in the Shade of Banana Trees – Qiu Ying
Late Return after a Spring Excursion – Qiu Ying
Searching Ancient Relics in Fengjing – Dong Qichang
Fountain and Clouds – Dong Qichang
Scenery in Autumn Mountains – Zhao Zuo
Thatched Hut aside Cold River – Zhao Zuo
Two Eagles – Lin Liang
Enjoying Antiques – Du Jin
Figures – Guo Chun
Homeward Boat in the Wind and Rain – Dai Jin
Landscape – Wang Shichang
Leisurely Watch Children Catching Catkins – Zhou Chen
Aigrettes and Water Lily – Lό Ji
White Horse Carrying Sutra – Ding Yunpeng
Auspicious Image of Bodhisattva – Ding Yunpeng
A Branch of Gumbo – Wen Zhengming
Three Birds and Spring Flowers – Bian Wenjing
Pine, Bamboo and Rocks – Wang Fu
Country Scenery – Lan Ying
Clearing after Snow over Rivers and Mountains – Lan Ying

Paintings in the Qing Dynasty

Prosperity of Suzhou – Xu Yang
An Imitation of Zhao Mengfu’s Landscape Painting – Wang Jian
Imperial Concubine Saves Emperor from Black Bear – Jin Tingbiao
Court Ladies Wearing Flowered Hairpin – Jin Tingbiao
Imperial Concubines Talking about Emperor’s Favors – Ding Guanpeng
Children Play under Banana and Phoenix Tree – Wang Ruxue
Emperor Kangxi in Court Robe – Anonymous
Emperor Kangxi in Ceremonial Armour – Anonymous
Auspicious Happiness – Feng Ning
Early Spring – Anonymous
Clouds and Rolling Mountains – Wang Yuanqi
Emperor Kangxi’s Southern Inspection Tour – Wang Hui
Album of Landscape and Flower Paintings – Wang Hui and Yun Shouping
Summer Scenery at the Foot of Mountain – Wang Hui
Flowers – Yun Shouping
Lily Magnolia – Yun Shouping
Day Lily – Yun Shouping

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ISBN:7-5085-1030-5, 7508510305, 9787508510309
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