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Erya Chinese - News Chinese: Audio-Visual Course 1  (+ 1 MP3-CD)<br>ISBN: 978-7-5619-4364-9, 9787561943649
Erya Chinese - News Chinese: Audio-Visual Course 1 (+ 1 MP3-CD)
ISBN: 978-7-5619-4364-9, 9787561943649

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Wuren jiashi (Driverless)

ISBN:978-7-7989-7457-7, 9787798974577

Titel: Wuren jiashi (Driverless) - 无人驾驶 (简装DVD)
Medium: 1 DVD
ISBN: 978-7-7989-7457-7, 9787798974577
Regie: 张杨 Zhang Yang
Schauspieler: 刘烨,高圆圆,李小冉 Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan, Li Xiaoran
Sprache: Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Untertitel: Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Erscheinungsdatum: 2010
Spieldauer: 104
Region code: code free

Driverless is a 2010 Chinese romance film directed by Zhang Yang and starring Liu Ye, Ruby Lin, Gao Yuanyuan, Li Xiaoran, Jianbin Chen and Wang Luo Dan. Director Zhang Yang says that this movie is an updated version of his 1997 film “Spicy Love Soup”, and it presents love stories set in our current “material era.”
It is composed of three separate stories in modern society. The complicated relationships of the main characters in each story present “not beautiful but real life.”

Driverless is about three love stories that are intertwisted by a car accident.
It deals with several relationship issues, including the infamous seven year itch, reuniting with a first love, one night stands, an old husband with a young wife, and extramarital affairs.
He hopes to present love stories set in our current “materialistic era”, and force audiences to consider what the standard is to measure love. Should we be loyal to money, material things or our own hearts?

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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ISBN:978-7-7989-7457-7, 9787798974577
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